I’ve been hinting at a “secret project” for a couple of weeks now on Twitter, and here it is. It’s for an upcoming competition whose theme is “uniform”, and the first thought that came to mind was a gentleman from the Salvos that I used to see at Central station. He would have his fold out table and fold out chair, and he would sit on Friday morning in front of the gates at Central Station and collect donations. His name is Tom, and here he is:

These gents are part of a group of Salvation Army members that collect donations at train stations and pubs around Sydney. I wanted to do something more than just a pretty picture, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to see and learn something off my normal trail. You’ll see these guys on Fridays in the Sydney CBD wearing down their shoes for a good cause, so if you do drop a few coins in — they’ll appreciate it.

(A big thanks to Major Peter Sutcliffe of the Salvation Army for helping me make this happen.)

May 11th, 2011